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5 Children and their Nanny

Carte de Visite by JG Tunny  -  Five of JG Tunny's Children and their Nanny

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA


Addresses:  93 Princes Street and 11 Salisbury Place

Date:   1872


Comment 1

Sheldon Cunningham who supplied this photo wrote:

"This picture is of five Tunny children and a Nanny.  Assuming that the photo was taken around 1875, my guess is that they are (clockwise from lower-left):

-  Norah (age 8)

-  Leeba (age 14))

-  Leonard (age 15)

-  The Nanny

-  Margaret W (age 4)

-  Florence (age 6) in the middle.

Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA:  November 15, 2010


Comment 2

Julian Bukits replied, agreeing the names of the children above, but giving these ages:

-  Norah (age 6)

-  Leeba (age almost 12))

-  Leonard (age 13)

-  Margaret W (age 2)

-  Florence (age 4) .

Julian added:

"I am quite confident in thinking that this photo must have been taken in December 1872.  All the children are dressed in winter clothes.

Florence’s outfit looks very Christmassy to me and Margaret, the youngest child is holding a basket of pot pourri.  When looked at in detail in photo No.2, you can see, what looks like to me to be, a piece of mistletoe hanging out the left-hand side of the basket.

The children's nanny was Margaret Wilson.  The children's mother was probably unable to attend as she was due to give birth on December 25, and Thomas is missing because had died 3 months earlier, in September 1872."

Julian Bukits, Southside, Edinburgh:  November 16, 2010


Comment 3:

"Julien appears to be close with his estimated date for this photo.  The addresses of the studios on the back of this carte de visite suggest that the photo would have been taken between 1871 and 1874."

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 19, 2010


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