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President's Trophy

Thank you to Allan Dodds for allowing me to reproduce this photo

'No Sun, No Moon, November'

The print that won the EPS President's Trophy, 1961

Photograph by Allan Dodds, Nottingham, for which he was awarded the Centenary Cup and a Silver Medal in the EPS Members' Exhibition, 1961
  Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Alan wrote:

"This is the print that got me the President's Trophy for the best print in the Beginners' Section in the EPS Members' Exhibition in 1961.  Its  title is: 'No sun, no moon, November'.   It was taken in the Botanics on a cold, foggy day.

As there were no other visitors, I had to use a tripod with delayed action, allowing me to take up my position on the bench."

Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England:  August 3, 2012


Silver Medal

This is the Silver Medal that Allan was awarded for his print:  'No Sun, No Moon, November'. 

I did nor realise that this style of medal continued to be issued by EPS until as recently as 1961.  That was the Centenary Year for EPS.

This style of medal was was first awarded in the EPS Exhibition of 1902.

Medal awarded in 1961 to Allan Dodds for his print 'No Sun, No Moon, November' entered in the Beginners' Section of the Members' Exhibition

  Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Silver Medal

The die for this Medal was rediscovered in 2012.  This style of Medal was awarded again in the Exhibition in 2012  EPS International Exhibition, to commemorate this being the 150th annual International Exhibition to be held by EPS..

Here is a copy of the cover of the catalogue for the 2012 exhibition:

EPS International Exhibition of Photography - Exhibition Catalogue for the 2012 Exhibition

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Edinburgh Photographic  Society



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