1. Use th cursor to highlight this red text:

2. With the text highlighted, press 'CNTL+C' to copy it

3 .Click Translate then in the  field below 'Translate a web page' highlight http://

4. Press 'CNTL+V'.  This will transfer the red text above into this field (in black).

5. For the 1st filed on the next line, click on the small arrow and select English.

6. For the 2nd filed on this line, click on the small arrow and select e.g. French.

7. Click the Translate box beside these two fields.


Following the instructions above should give you a translation of the EdinPhoto Home Page into the language of your choice (French in the example above).  Any links that you then click on will also be translated.  Right-clicking on a link will show the name of the link in English.

The translations will not be exact, but should be of some help, and may be amusing in places.