Paintings and Sketches

James Skene

James Skene was an amateur painter, born in Aberdeen in 1785.  He  became a friend of Sir Walter Scott.  Both were advocates at Parliament House, Edinburgh.  Together, they planned to portray the changing face of Edinburgh in a publication to be called Reekiana, but Sir Walter Scott hit financial problems in 1826.  [Notes accompanying Skene's paintings in Edinburgh City Library]

Skene produced many attractive watercolour paintings of Edinburgh.  Edinburgh City Library has a collection of 207 Skene paintings, covering the period 1817-37.

Many depict scenes that were recorded through the cameras of Burns, Inglis, Begbie and others, later in the century.  I hope, later to include a few of Scene's paintings on this site.  Views painted by James Scene include:

-  Edinburgh Old Town from Princes Street

-  St Giles Cathedral

-  The Grassmarket

-  St John's Chapel

-  Holyroodhouse



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