Edinburgh Photographer

Alexander Roberts

Alec Roberts with brothers and sisters

Edinburgh photographer, Alec Roberts and family

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Marilyn Evan



BACK ROW: Alex (the photographer)
Isabella (sister)
Henrietta (sister)
James Stewart (Isabella's husband)
Angus (brother)
Mary (sister

BACK ROW:  Jessie (sister)
Mary (sister, who ran the sweet shop and post office at Northfield Road)

Marilyn Evan added:

"One older brother had been killed in the Boer War and two other siblings died in infancy"


Alexander Roberts

Thank you to Marilyn Evan, great niece of Alexander Roberts, for providing this photograph of Alex with his brothers and sisters, probably taken in the 1920s.

Marilyn's Aunt Rose, a niece of Alex Roberts wrote:


"The family photograph was taken in the gardens of our grandparents' house, Abercorn.  It was a lovely Georgian house and had vast basement rooms which were ideal for Uncle's business.

It housed the hundreds of negatives in one room, a dark room  and a developing room.  Sheila (my mother) and I  used to play at developing with packs of playing cards.

On the ground floor of the house, one room was allocated to the business and my father was in charge of a group of girls employed in the business."


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Edinburgh photographer, Alec Roberts


Alex Roberts' Studio