Photograph by

 Sydney Salmon

Corstorphine, Edinburgh

The Thomson Family

Portrait by Lafayette  -  Captain J Arthur, 42nd Royal Highlanderst

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andrew Eadie, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland


Sydney Salmon

Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Thank you to Andrew Eadie, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph by Sidney Salmon.

The Photographer

The address on the back of the photo is:

Sidney Salmon, Photographer, Corstorphine, NB

Corstorphine is a suburb about 4 miles west of the centre of Edinburgh.  NB = North Britain (a description sometimes given to Scotland in the early 1900s.

Sidney Salmon had a photographic business at Corstorphine from 1887 to 1918.

The Family

Andrew Eadie writes:

"This photo of Robert C Thomson and family was taken in the garden of Gibson Lodge, probably in 1900 at the time of their Golden Wedding.

The family were market gardeners in Corstorphine for three generations until the 1920s."

The names of the family members are given on the back of this photo.  They are described as 'Thomson Family' and are (left to right):

STANDING:  Margaret, Catherine, Alexander, Helen, Hugh.

SEATED:  Robert C Thomson + Margaret Manners, his wife.

The size of this photo is about 6 ins x 4 ins.

Sidney Salmon, Photographer

Edinburgh Professional Photographers