Carte de Visite

Post Jean

A portrait by an unidentified photographer


Photograph taken where and when?

Carte de Visite - Post Jean - Where and when was this photo taken?

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mike Melrose, Edinburgh


Carte de Visite - Post Jean - Where and when was this photo taken?

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mike Melrose, Edinburgh


Portrait by an unidentified photographer

Thank you to Michael Melrose for allowing me to reproduce this carte de visite from his collection.

Michael wrote:

Photograph of Post Jean

"Here is an interesting photo from my collection.  It would be interesting if any of your correspondents could shed some more light on it.

This photograph is one of a number that my mother in law gave me.  She is in her late-eighties. Her grandparents were the station masters at Leadburn Station (on the route to Biggar and Symington)  and may have known Post Jean well.

Message on the Back

"This undated photo of Jean has the following description on the reverse:"

Post Jean

Biggar & Symington

Met Burke & Hare
 on road when
a young woman.


Michael added:

Burke and Hare (Renowned Resurrectionists or Body Snatchers ) Tanner’s Close ~ West Port Edinburgh ~ late 19th Century

William Burke was b.1792 Ireland – d. (hanged) Edinburgh 28 January 1829, arrived in Scotland 1817.

William Hare (b.1792 or 1804 Ireland – released from prison February 1829.  Whereabouts thereafter unknown, arrived in Scotland date unknown.

They were both Canal Navies (labourers).

Date of the Photo

"The trial commenced in November 1828,  So, Jean must have met Burke and Hare at some point between 1817 and 1828.  Jean is obviously an old woman in this photograph – have you any way of dating it?"

Mike Melrose, Edinburgh:  November 10, 2009

Reply to Mike

Perhaps somebody might be able to suggest an approximate date for this photo, based on the clothing she is wearing.  If you think you may be able to help to date the photo, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Mike.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  November 10, 2009


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