'Walking Pictures'

Around 1930-32

Bell Boy, Ian Houston walking to or from his work in an Edinburgh Hotel, off the Royal Mile

    Walking Picture of Edinburgh  -  Ian Houston, aged about 14, going to or from his work as a bell boy at an Edinburgh Hotel, off the Royal Mile, around 1930-32

©   Reproduced with acknowledgement Giselle McAndrew (née Houston), England



Walking Pictures

Thank you to Giselle McAndrew (née Houston), England, for sending me the photo  below which has, written on the back 'Walking Pictures' and a number on the front that looks like x42x.

Giselle tells me that this photo is of her late father Ian Houston in his uniform, walking to or from the hotel off the Royal Mile where he worked as a bell boy.  The photo was taken around 1930-32, when he would have been aged about 14.

Acknowledgement:  Giselle McAndrew (née Houston), England:
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