North Bridge

'Walking Pictures'


East side of North Bridge - Harry + Mary Finlay

    Alan Grieve's grandmother, Mary Finlay, and uncle, Harry Finlay

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England


North Bridge

Thank you to Alan Grieve for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Alan wrote:

North Bridge

East Side

"Here is a 'walking picture' of my grandmother' Mary Finlay' and my uncle, Harry Finlay.  The photo was taken in North Bridge in September 1934.

They lived in St Andrews then, and may have been on a visit to my parents, who lived at Murrayfield, when this photo was taken."

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  February 9, 2012

Alan added:

The Photographer

East Side

"I've now found the original photo of my grandmother and uncle on North Bridge.  It is marked 'Spotlight Photos (G B) Ltd' on the back.

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  February 14, 2012


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