Spotlight Photos (GB) Ltd

'Walking Pictures'

Around 1934-35

East side of North Bridge - Pat Wooller and Doll's Pram

    'Walking Picture' on North Bridge taken by Spotlight Photos Ltd

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Colin McLeod,
 Battleby, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland


North Bridge

Colin McLeod wrote:

North Bridge

East Side

"The second is a set of three photos is printed on a single standard-sized postcard backing.  It was taken on the east side of North Bridge, also looking north, and shows my mother, a little older, pushing her doll's pram.  It may have been taken in 1934/35.

The photographer's name is printed on the reverse as:

'Spotlight Photos (G.B.) Ltd.'  "

Colin McLeod, Battleby, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland:  February 17, 2011

'Walking Pictures'

Looking at this strip of photos, it appears that they have been taken with a gap of perhaps a second or two between each.

Is anything else known about this company?

-  Did they have branches throughout Britain?

-  How long did they survive for?

-  How much did they charge for their photos?


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