Programme covers from

Gaiety Theatre

Kirkgate, Leith

August 1953

Programme Contents

Gaiety Programme,  Inner Pages  -  August 1953

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh


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   Gaiety Programme,  Inner Pages  -  August 1953


Gaiety Theatre Programme Covers

Programme Covers

Here are programme covers dating from:

-  September 1945

-  February 1946

-  November 1949

-  August 1953

    Gaiety Programme Covers from the 1940s and 1950s

I don't know which of these program covers refers to each of these dates.

The Program for 1953 refers to the Festival Water Show.  Edinburgh Festival has been held annually from 1947 to date, for three weeks each year, beginning mid-August. 

Another Programme

Here are the inner pages from another of the Programmes above

February 1946

    Gaiety Programme,  Inner Pages  -  February 1946


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