Main Street

Caledonia Series Postcard

Posted 1917

Caledonia Series Postcard  -  Gilmerton Main Street  -  posted 1917

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eric Nisbet, Barnton, Edinburgh, formerly Gilmerton, Edinburgh





Gilmerton Main Street

Thank you to Forbes Wilson, now living near Guildford, Surrey, for giving the following detailed description of where this photo was taken.

 Forbes wrote:

Gilmerton Main Street

"The past few days have been a real trip down memory lane, and again I instantly recognised this photograph. The photographer is standing in the middle of the old Gilmerton Main Street, now called Ravenscroft Street. He is about 20 metres from the intersection with Drum Street.

Gilmerton Church

On the immediate right of the photograph is the wide, recessed entrance to Gilmerton Church formed by the lamps on each of the two pillars. I recall as part of the 143rd Gilmerton scout group being down there at the war memorial each Remembrance Sunday.

Further up the Street

The Church Hall, where we used to meet, each Thursday evening, is approximately 100 metres further up on the right hand side. 

On the left and almost opposite the car, is the entrance to Ravenscroft Gardens and just beyond the pedestrians on the right hand side, is the entrance to Hawthorn Place."

Forbes Wilson, near Guildford, Surrey, England:  April 3, 2007




Gilmerton Main Street

Thank you to Jacqui Anderson, Camberley, Surrey for responding to Forbes Wilson's comments above.

Jacqui wrote:

Sunday School

Band of Hope

Girls' Guidry

"I too remember Main Street where I attended Sunday School, The Band of Hope and The Girls' Guidry (a bit like the Guides) all in the Church Hall that Forbes Wilson refers to.

Cod Liver Oil

Opposite the church, in 1958, was a place I was sent to, to collect my baby brother's free cod liver oil and orange juice.  I can't remember what it was called.  Does anyone know?

Church Collection

We often only gave part of the money we had been given for the church collection and spent the rest in May Tait's or Mr Henniker's newsagents.  (It looks as if it's now a bank.) 

Much to the amusement of us children Mr Henniker used to pin up a list of people who had failed to pay their paper bills. It was placed prominently in the window.

More Shops

Diagonally opposite these shops (heading south) was The Beehive it was a wonderful haberdashery - a  colourful treasure trove.  Further down on the same side was the Post Office, where Family Allowance for one child was 8 shillings a week.  On the other side of the road past the bakers was a wonderful ice-cream shop."

Jacqui Anderson, Camberley, Surrey:  April 28, 2008


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