J K Home Crawford

Duddingston Loch


Postcard by J K Home Crawford  -  Duddingston Loch


J K Home Crawford

Duddingston Loch

Here is a post card by J K Home Crawford of Portobello.  The postcard is a view of  Duddingston Loch, with the church in the village of Duddingston in the background.

Duddingston is on the western edge of Queen's Park, about two miles to the south-west of Portobello.

This card was posted on 20 February 1903 to the following address:

25 Campbell Road



The last line of the address is interesting.  It presumably stands for South Britain.  In the early 20th century Edinburgh addresses often used the abbreviation NB (for North Britain) rather than Scotland.

When the card was posted, it was permitted to write both a message and an address on the same side of a postcard, but many of the old stocks of postcards with undivided backs were still in use, prompting the senders to write their messages

Sometimes, the message was fairly lengthy.  On this card, the message reads:

"Feb 19th 03:
 Many thanks for your kind letter of Feb 14th.  I am still in bed but am mending as well as can b e expected.  I had a very narrow escape, or rather a Devine deliverance from a tragic death. 

I got well kicked by the horse on the left leg:  the lorry wheel took out  a piece of the calf on the right leg and laid bare the bone.  I dare not use the right leg and am kept in bed.  Love to you and the girls. 
Yours ever.  Isobel A Robertson.

God stopped the wheel suddenly.  I A R "


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