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Fountain to the 6th Duke of Athol


  Raphael Tuck 'Oilette' postcard

Raphael Tuck 'Oilette' postcard  -  Statue to the 6th Duke of Athol, Dunkeld, Scotland

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Carol Stubbs


Fountain to the 6th Duke of Athol


The caption on the back of this card is aimed at tourists.  It comments on the district, not necessarily on what appears on the front of the card.  The text reads:

"The Fountain:  Dunkeld is situated on the northern bank of the Tay, here crossed by a handsome bridge of five arches, which affords communication with the neighbouring village of Birnam.

Both Dunkeld and Birnam are healthy and charmingly situated, and are popular with tourists owing to the many objects of historical and pictorial interest in the vicinity."


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