Wedding Photograph

Framed Postcard Portrait of a Wedding

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  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Angie Anderson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England


Morrison's Studio

Thank you to Angie Anderson for allowing me to reproduce this photograph, taken by Morrison's Studio, 137 Leith Street.

Angie wrote:

Wedding Photograph

"Here is a family photograph set on a card frame measuring approx 7 ins x 5 ins.

It is the wedding of my dad's uncle Pat Docherty and his bride, Kitty (sitting).  My grandfather Philip John Docherty is standing (left).  The lady standing to the right is unknown.  The Docherty family were originally called 'Doherty' and came from Donegal, Ireland coming over to Glasgow around 1890.

On the back of the card is pencilled the number '1732' on the top left corner (and a shopping list!) and the front bottom right corner is embossed with the studios name and address 'Morrison's Studios, 137 Leith Street, Edinburgh'.

My grandfather was born 29 Dec 1902 but I don't know how old he was in the photo although he looks fairly young.  Uncle Pat was know as 'Packy' which we believe was derived from his full name, Patrick.  It is also not known if Pat was a brother of Philip or related some other way. I am still researching the family."

Angie Anderson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England:  May 20+21, 2007


I think that the photograph inside is likely to be a postcard portrait.  All other photos that I have seen from Morrison's studio have been postcard portraits, most have been unframed.

If the  number '1732' on the back of the photo is the negative number, this would suggest that the photo was taken in the early years of Morrison's studio in Leith Walk.

This studio operated from 1915 until 1936.  Negative numbers were allocated chronologically, and by 1936 had reached at least '73,000'.


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