Old Car


49 Causewayside

Ford 7Y (8HP)

49 Causewayside

Old car parked outside restaurant at 49 Causewayside

  Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA                                                                                                                   Photograph taken 1995


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   Old car parked outside restaurant at 49 Causewayside


Old Car

Thank you to Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA for allowing me to reproduce this photo that he took on a visit to Edinburgh in 1995.

Al wrote:

The Photo

"I took this shot because I thought the car was interesting.  The restaurant behind the car is now a Thai restaurant."

Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA (based at RAF Kirknewton, 1958-62:  January 30, 2011

The Car

"The car in this photo appears to be in good condition.   What can anybody tell me about this model, with its curved front bumper?

It looks to me to be a Ford 7Y (8HP) manufactured 1937-39  -  a  deluxe model because it has two small windscreen wipers, rather than one small wiper in the centre of the windscreen!"

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 6, 2011



Brian Alexander

Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Alexander for confirming that the car in this photo is a Ford 7Y, and for providing more information about this model.

Brian wrote:

Ford Model 7Y Popular

"The car in the photograph is a Ford Model 7Y Popular, made in 1938/1939.

It has been fitted with indicator lights.  Indicators were not fitted in the 1930s but by the 1960s kits could be purchased for owners to fit.

The car also has two windscreen wipers and a full length canvas sun roof.  This indicates the 'De Luxe' model .

This was the last Ford fitted with the 'kink' in the front bumper. All later cars had straight bumpers.  The 'kink' was necessary to allow the starting handle to be used.  It went through a hole in the radiator grill and through a tube in the bottom of the radiator to fit onto the crankshaft pulley.

Just over 65,000 of this model were built.  Many, sadly, ended their days on the Stock Car tracks in the 1950s and 1960s.  The 7Y was superseded by the first of the Anglia models.

Brian Alexander, Prestonfield, Edinburgh:  February 7, 2011


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