Engraving from Old & New Edinburgh - published 1890

Echo Bank



Old houses at Echo Bank

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh


Echo Bank

Thank you to Archie Young for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Archie wrote, in his recollections of Echo Bank, Newington:

The Village

"Here is a photo I had of Echo Bank at Newington.  The village  started to diminish in 1860 which was a shame.  It seems to have given way to the money class so that they could build their grand houses of the time.

    Echo Bank, Newington, Edinburgh

The Erskine Family

"I have no idea who took the photo but I believe that it came from the family collection of a grand old lady, Mrs. Erskine, and that it was taken by a family member.  Mrs Erskine was born at Echo Bank and who owned it.

The child in the doorway in this photo was Mrs Erskine's grandmother, and the man with the cart was also one of the Erskine family.  The Erskine family were famous Carters"

Move to Gilmerton

"When Echo Bank was more or less raised to the ground,   the family moved up to Gilmerton, where they had a piece of ground at Ravenscroft Place.

There, they were the second Carters in the area, the others were the Innes family who built the terraced houses on the the right-hand side of Drum Street heading towards Dalkeith."


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