Anderson Shelter



Around 1950

Anderson Shelter used as a 'Coal House'

Jimmy and Irene White

Presentation of Prizes, 1954  -   Gilmerton Homing Club  -  Jimmy White, his father and other pigeon fanciers

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jimmy White, Loanhead, Midlothian



Thank you to Jimmy White formerly of Gilmerton, now living in Loanhead, Midlothian for providing this photograph.

Jimmy wrote:

Anderson  Shelter

"This photo is myself and my deceased sister, Irene, with the old Anderson Shelter at the back of us, used as the 'coal house'."

"At this time, around 1950, the small village of Gilmerton started to expand.  Prefabs were built at Ferniehill, Moredun and Craigour.  Then, the council houses were built at Gilmerton Dykes ,Moredun etc."


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