Looking NW up Drum Street

Around 1850

Looking to the NW up Drum Street, Gilmerton, around 1850

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh



Looking NW up Drum Street

Around 1850

Thank you to Archie Young for allowing me to reproduce this old etching of Gilmerton.  This view looks up Drum Street to the NW, towards the centre of Edinburgh.

Following up an earlier theme on the location of the old Police Station, Archie shows the position of:

-  the Mechanic Arms Public House (still standing)

-   the old Police Station (now demolished).

Archie wrote:

Public Houses

"The Mechanic Arms was a Staging Post.  It was built around 1800.

The Gardner's Arms was built or established in 1801, so the Mechanic Arms just beat it to the post for the stagecoaches.


There is a Plaque above the Gardner's Arms.  It reads:

1        T       8



8        S       1

It appears to include the date, 1881.  Perhaps someone out there knows what these letters 'TS' refer to.

Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh:  April 8, 2008

Archie Young wrote later:

"It turns out that Inness was in fact a Carter.  It must have been a good going concern.  He was also a Horse Breeder.  So, between the two, he must have been a very rich man."

Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh:  April 11, 2008