Bob Penry

on Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park

St Leonard's district is in the background  -  1966

Bob Penry of 'The Gatekeepers' folk group, 1965-66, photographed on Arthur's Seat, Holyrood Park  -  St Leonards district is in the background

  Reproduced with acknowledgement Bob Penry, a member of 'The Gatekeepers' folk group in 1965-66


Bob Penry

Thank you to Bob Penry for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Folk Group

Some of Bob's memories of the time when he was based at RAF Kirknewton and was a member of  'The Gatekeepers' folk group in 1965-66, are included in the 'Clubs & Discos' page on the EdinPhoto web site.

The View

This view appears to be looking to the east from Arthur's seat, with some of the streets of St Leonards, possibly around Montague Street, and the eastern end of The Meadows in the background.  The Pentland Hills in the distance.

Acknowledgement:  Bob Penry, Ohio, USA:  January 10, 2010


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