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Lawn Tennis Club


View over Liberton Lawn Tennis Club from The Inch  -  Summer

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Paul Sutherland, Glasgow, Scotland.  Photograph taken by his father.


Liberton Lawn Tennis Club

Thank you to Paul Sutherland who wrote:

The View

"I was brought up on The Inch housing estate and we enjoyed the most amazing view out of our living-room window.

This shot is from a transparency taken by my Dad around 1965-66.  It show Liberton Lawn Tennis club in its summer glory, the courts freshly brushed waiting for members to arrive in the late afternoon and play through till late into the summer evening."

The Tennis Club

"I joined the club aged 14 in 1969 and played through to its closure in 1973.  It was very sad that the club closed. It dated back I think to the late 1800s.

The tennis court is just visible at the bottom of this 1915 map.

The stars were Harry Roulston and Jim McNeilage, both members of the men's first team which won the Scottish Championship (I think) six years in a row."

Paul Sutherland, Glasgow, Scotland:  November 13, 2007

Here is a photograph of the same scene in winter.

View over Liberton Lawn Tennis Club from The Inch  - Winter