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Several people have asked me, over the years, where they should look for photos of Edinburgh.  If I'm not able to give them an answer, I'll add their request below, in the hope that one of the EdinPhoto viewers will read the request then email me if they can provide any advice.


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10 Oct 18

Stuart Lyon

The Totem Lounge Public House
(now the Earl of Marchmont)












Photographic Collection in Edinburgh

I have found that there are lots of old photos and old postcards of streets and buildings in the centre of Edinburgh, both Old Town and New Town, and the centre of Leith.

But finding photos of other parts of Edinburgh and its suburbs can be more difficult..

However, there are several large collections of photos held in held in Edinburgh, including:

a)  Edinburgh Central Library.  Many of the photos have now been digitised for the library's Capital Collections web site.

b)  RCAHMS (The Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland), now part of Historic Environment Scotland.  Photos from this collection can be viewed by appointment at RCAHMS or on RCAHMS's Canmore web site.

The RCAHMS collection also includes:

-   a Begbie Collection of stereo views from the late 19th century.

-   Edinburgh Photographic Society Survey Group photos from the early 20th century.

-   a very large collection of Aerial Photographs

c)  Scotsman Publications have many photos that have been published in The Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News.  Photos in this collection include newsworthy events, rather than 'straight views of streets and buildings.

d)  Museum of Edinburgh has a collection of photos, including many of social interest,  e.g. Newhaven' Fishwives' Choir,  The Co-op and its workers.

e)  National Museum of Scotland has a collection including workers in some of the rural trades around Scotland.

f)  The National Library of Scotland has one of the Edinburgh Calotype Club Albums from the 1850s





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