Waverley Market

Scottish Open Air Holiday Show

1960 **

Two Bikes

Scottish Open Air Holiday Show at Waverley Market - Two bikes - 1960

©  Scotsman Publications Ltd.  Click here for web site details.   Licensed by Scran,   Photo 99993482  Scran 000-000-054-229     Photo published: Feb 20, 1960**

** In fact, this photo was probably taken in 1961 or 1962.  See reply 1 below.




Brian Alexander

Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Alexander who wrote:

Waverley Market

"Some of the photos added to the EdinPhoto web site recently are real nostalgic photos of the old Waverley Market.  I had forgotten how many different events were held there."

Speedway Riders

"I do remember the Carnival and how cold it was inside the market.  One photo of particular interest is this one with the heading: 'Scottish Open Air Holiday Show' dated Feb 20 1960. 

I think SCRAN have, once again, got the year wrong.  The photo shows Doug Templeton on the left and Alf Wells on right.  This must be 1961 at the earliest,  possibly 1962 and not 1960, as Alf was not riding for Edinburgh Monarchs in 1960.    He is from New Zealand and began his career with Edinburgh at the start of the 1961 season.

However, it's great to see the old JAP-engined speedway bikes.  The photo on the backboard above Doug's right hand (there are two copies of the same photo there) is Peter Craven wearing an England International race jacket.  Sadly, Peter was killed following a track crash at Old Meadowbank in 1963."

Brian Alexander, Prestonfield, Edinburgh:  December 12, 2011



Liz Miller

St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands

Thank you to Liz Miller who also identified the same two riders.

Liz wrote:


"On this Speedway stand are:

-  to the modelís right, Dougie Templeton

to her left, New Zealander, Alf Wells. 

Donít they look so young?

I used to be at Meadowbank every Saturday until it closed, and then followed the Monarchs at Coatbridge until I came to Jersey in 1969.

I also followed them at White City in Glasgow, and at many a stadium down South, too.  Happy days!"

Liz Miller, St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands:  December 12, 2011


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