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Casablanca Discotheque

Advert for Casablanca Discotheque  -  1968

Edinburgh clubs and discos  -  Advert for Casablanca Discotheque  -  1968

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Alexander, Sydney, New Souyth Wales, Australia


Casablanca Discotheque

Thank you to John Alexander, one of the members of the Plastic Meringue in the late-1960s for allowing me to reproduce this poster from 1968 for Casablanca's Discotheque, Edinburgh

Casablanca Discotheque

"The Plastic Meringue were a regular feature at the Casablanca Discotheque, playing there at least once a week and in some cases 2 or 3 nights, all through 1968 and early-1969.

The Casablanca was one of our favourite venues, it was dark and had a great atmosphere. The crowd were usually complimentary to our brand of music (rock/blues) which was a bit progressive for Edinburgh then."

John Alexander, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia,  January 22+24, 2012


Please click here to read John Alexander's recollections of playing with Plastic Meringue.


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