High Rise Flats

Garvald Court


Garvald Court  -  2009

Garvald Court High Rise Flats, Gracemount, 2009 -  soon to be demolished

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jimmy Cunningham, Gracemount


Garvald Court

This is one of several photos of the Gracemount district of Edinburgh, taken by Jimmy Cunningham in 2009.

The high rise flats contrast with the low Gracemount housing in the background

There are now three high rise blocks of flats in Gracemount:

-  Fala Court

-  Soutra Court

-  Garvald Court.

Jimmy Cunningham wrote:


"The council have now blocked off all these flats as a demolition site and removed all the windows and it looks like some internal walls.  The buildings are due to be flattened soon and will be just a memory to us all with new council housing planned for the site when it is ready."

Acknowledgement:  Jimmy Cunningham, Gracemount, Edinburgh:  July 27, 2009



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