North Merchiston

Primary School

Situated between Watson Crescent, Tay Street and Bryson Road


Looking to the SW along Watson Crescent.  North Merchiston Primary School is on the extreme right of this photo

  Stevie Watson, Buckstone, Edinburgh



mid-20th Century

Watson Crescent

Thank you to Stevie Watson for sending me this photograph, looking to the SW along Watson Crescent past North Merchiston Primary School.

The photo was taken, around 1993, from the bay window of the 2nd floor corner flat at 18 Tay Street, where Stevie lived from about 1990 to 1995.

The school was seriously damaged in a fire on September 27, 2002, and had to be demolished.  The site lay empty for about four years, but is now being redeveloped as a community centre and care home.

Tay Street

Here is another photo of the school,  taken from the same window in Stevie's flat.  This view looks to the NW down Tay Street.

  Looking NW down Tay Street past North Merchiston Primary School, towards the junction with Bryson Road, then on to DUndee Terrace.


North Merchiston Primary School

 Around Edinburgh