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I'll add a photo of the Sick Children's Hospital to this page when I have one.   It should not be difficult to take one, but it may take a little longer to find the time to add it to the web site.

However, I've created this page now so that I can include a question that I was asked recently.



Isla Aitken

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Isla Aitken wrote:

Air Raid Shelter

"I'm writing a book (a work of fiction) and there is one fact I am desperately trying to establish but I can't find any allusion to it!   Can you help?

I am trying to establish whether there was an air raid shelter at the Sick Kids Hospital in Sciennes. I see from the scan of air raid shelter maps on your site that there were shelters on Sciennes Road, but I'm hazy as to where they were or what sort of shelters they might have been.

Would you be able to point me in the direction of someone who might know?"

Isla Aitken, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland:  March 1, 2013

Reply to

I don't know the answer to the question that Isla asks.  If you think you might be able to help her to answer the question, please email me, then I'll give you her email address so that you can contact her.

               Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  March 15, 2013




Ted Gwilt

Thank you to Ted Gwilt for replying to the question asked by Isla Aitken above.

Ted wrote:

Air Raid Shelters

"The only shelters I know of in Sciennes Road, Edinburgh, were in the playground of Sciennes School, next doort o the Sick Kids' Hospital.

There may also have been shelters in the grounds of the hospital itself, but I can't remember any.

There were also shelter on the edge of the Meadows, on the other side of Melville Drive."

Isla Aitken, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland:  March 1, 2013


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