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Trinity Academy



Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy, 1955

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Trinity Academy

Jim  Macfarlane, Edinburgh, wrote:


"This is Trinity Academy in 1955, showing the steps between the pillars at the front, leading to the Headmaster's Office.   This was opposite the Tuck Shop (out of picture on the right).

 This winter scene remained the same through the 1950s.

The gymnasium is in the background, to the east, has now been replaced by a much larger building and the  entrance from the playground up to the first floor has replaced the basement entrance at the rear.

Railway lines  in a triangle used to surround the school.  These have been filled in or have become cycle paths/walks.

In the 1950s, David Kilpatrick's was still a separate school and Holy Cross Academy was at the other side of Victoria Park."

Jim Macfarlane, Edinburgh, August 14, 2007 + December 19, 2009


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