Certificate of Merit


Awarded to Stephen McMahon

Brooke Bond Certificate of Merit for Junior Art, 1968

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stephen McMahon, Germany:  December 15, 2008


Certificate of Merit

Stephen McMahon wrote:


"When I was awarded this Certificate of Merit, I was in Primary ex 7a1.  The'1' part of the class left primary school at the end of the Winter/Easter term to attend secondary school.  That's why I'm '1' and 'ex'.

I had to come back to Primary School to collect this certificate AND my Junior Art certificate - chuffed!  I was a pupil at Trinity Academy Prep School, at the time housed in the (since demolished) buildings at Bangholm - which, I think, had been the home of Trinity Academy Primary School before it moved to new buildings opposite the Senior School next to Victoria Park in Trinity).

I remember feeling like the, errm ... 'nether regions of a male canine creature' when my name was called and I rose to collect the certificates, wearing my new school uniform.

I won the prizes for being 2nd in Maths, 2nd or 3rd in English and 1st in Religious Knowledge, which I won 3 years in a row from P5 to P7.  That explains why I had three Bibles!"

Stephen McMahon, Germany:  December 15, 2008


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