Evacuation from Edinburgh during World War II to


in the Scottish Borders, about 50 miles south of Edinburgh


Evacuation Document  -  Edinburgh to Hawick, 1939

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Patience, Alberta, Canada



    Evacuation Document  -  Edinburgh to Hawick, 1939



To  Mrs Isabella Hunter

Occupier of  3 Glebe Mill St, Hawick

In pursuance of Defence Regulations, I hereby require you to provide in the above-mentioned premises, accommodation for the following persons:

Mrs Patience

Alex Patience

James Patience

Adults 1         Children under 14  2

Signed  M M Harvey

Date of Billeting     1.1.1939



You are required to provide, until further notice, in the premises described above, accommodation comprising of shelter and reasonable access to water supply and sanitary conveniences for the persons hereby assigned to the premises.  Should you fail to carry out this requirement, you will commit an offence.

You cannot charge any person so assigned for the accommodation which you are required to provide, but you will receive payment in respect thereof at the rate of

11/-  eleven shillings

*per week, being 5/- in respect of each adult and 3/- in respect of each child under 14.  Payment will be made weekly in advance at the _____________________^  Post Office on presentation of this form, commencing on the date of billeting.

You are not required by law to provide facilities for cooking, but it is hoped that you will do so.

If you have good cause to do so, you may apply to the Billeting Officer to relieve you of the above requirement to provide accommodation


* Total amount payable to be written in words by the billeting officer.

^ To be filled in by the Occupier / (Payee).



Evacuation from Edinburgh to Hawick

Thank you to Jim Patience, now living in Alberta, Canada, one of the people mentioned on this document above , for allowing me to reproduce it.

Acknowledgement:  Jim Patience, Alberta, Canada:  August 24, 2008

This document gives an indication of how little control some people must have had over their own lives in 1939.

I was impressed to see how concise this document is, compared to some of today's legal agreements.

- Peter Stubbs:  August 26, 2008


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