Envelope for 6 Post Cards by

W & A K Johnston



An envelope that originally contained six Picture Post Cards of Leith - W & AK Johnston's Edina Series 231

  Reproduced with acknowledgement Winnie Lisowski, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland


W & A K Johnston

Thank you to Winnie Lisowski for allowing me to reproduce the envelope above.

Winnie wrote:

Six Picture Post Cards of Leith

"I only wish this envelope contained the postcards inside to make it complete."

 Winnie Lisowski Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland:  November 6, 2012

'Edina Series 231'

This envelope may now be empty, but at least it gives us a list of the titles of the postcards of Leith that W & A K Johnston published in their 'Edina Series 231'


W & A K Johnston

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