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Railway Tickets

Thank you to Michael Stewart for allowing me to reproduce photos of some of the items in his impressive collection of railway tickets.  Please scroll down this page to see the tickets, or click here to enlarge them.


The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Company obtained permission under Act of Parliament in 1838 to build to Haymarket, Edinburgh. via Falkirk opened in February 1842.   The large ticket at the bottom of this page is an invitation to the Private Opening of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway on 18 February 1842.

Edinburgh Stations

The Glasgow to Edinburgh line was extended to the east from Haymarket station through Princes Street Gardens to Edinburgh General Station  in 1846.  General Station was one of three stations built in Waverley Valley in the 1840s.  The other stations were:

-  North Bridge, built by the North British Railway, opened 1846.

-  Canal Street, built by the Edinburgh, Leith & Newhaven Rly, opened 1847.

These three stations collectively became known as Waverley around 1854.

Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway Company was absorbed into North British Railway Company in 1865

The Tickets

Does the first picture below ('E&G' made from holly leaves and thistles) show the back of an Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway ticket?  I've never seen anything like that on any other tickets.

I was interested to see the alternative spellings of EDINBURGH on these tickets below, and the variety of tickets issued:

-  First Class

-  Second Class

-  Third Class

-  Parliamentary Ticket  -  a basic, cheap service required by 1844 Act of Parliament.

-  Mail

-  Express

These tickets show the journeys and dates but not the fares.

Acknowledgement:  Michael Stewart, Canterbury, Kent, England
Michael was formerly a pupil at Fettes Collage, Edinburgh.

Michael would like to hear from anyone who has any similar old card tickets that they might wish to sell.  If you'd like to contact Mike, please email me, then I'll give you his email address.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  September 25, 2012

Tickets  -  Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway

Old Railway Tickets  -  Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michael Stewart, Canterbury, Kent - formerly a pupil at Fettes College, Edin. Aug 15, 2012


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      Old Railway Tickets  -  Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway