Railway Tickets

North British Railway Style


Variety of Railway Tickets

Thank you to Michael Stewart for allowing me to reproduce photos of some of the items in his impressive collection of railway tickets.  Please scroll down this page to see the tickets, or click here to enlarge them.

Types of Ticket

Michael has provided a colourful collection of tickets.  Almost every ticket below is a different colour and style.

-  The first five tickets in this section are all for bicycles.  The seventh is for a dog

-  Several of the tickets have serial no. 000 or 001, including one for a 'Hunting Horse Only' between Saughton and Linlithgow.

-  There are tickets for travel by:

-  cheap train

-  local train

-  through train and

-  express

-  There are:

-  Sleeping Car ticket

-   First Class tickets

-  Third Class tickets and

-  Tickets valid only on Workmen's Trains

-  There are tickets for

-  Golfer to Turnhouse

-  Medical Golf Party to Gullane

-  Military on Duty (2/3 rate)

-  Workmen to North Leith

-  Admiralty Workers to Rosyth.

-  Perambulator accompanied by passenger and

-  Fish Creel from  Musselburgh

Who was LS Knoblauch Esq. who had return tickets from Peebles to Edinburgh specially printed for his guests in July 1903?

Acknowledgement:  Michael Stewart, Canterbury, Kent, England
Michael was formerly a pupil at Fettes Collage, Edinburgh.

Michael would like to hear from anyone who has any similar old card tickets that they might wish to sell.  If you'd like to contact Mike, please email me, then I'll give you his email address.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  September 25, 2012

Tickets  -  North British Railway Style

Old Railway Tickets  -  North British Railway Style

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michael Stewart, Canterbury, Kent - formerly a pupil at Fettes College, Edin. Aug 15, 2012


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      Old Railway Tickets  -  North British Railway Style