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One Hour

These tickets officially allowed allowed access to a platform for an hour.  Most of the tickets have hours marked around their edge.  An hour would normally have been  long enough for most people who were accompanying departing passengers to their train or meeting arriving passengers - but not long enough to meet the needs of most train spotters,

1d and 3d

Many of these platform tickets were issued in the 1920s.  The prices of those shown below are all either 1d or 3d.  The 3d fare in particular seems to me to be expensive.  As one of the tickets on this LMS Stations page shows, it was possible in 1920 for a child to travel  from Craigleith Station three stops up the line to Edinburgh Princes Street Station for 1/2d !

Acknowledgement:  Michael Stewart, Canterbury, Kent, England
Michael was formerly a pupil at Fettes Collage, Edinburgh.

Michael would like to hear from anyone who has any similar old card tickets that they might wish to sell.  If you'd like to contact Mike, please email me, then I'll give you his email address.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  September 25, 2012

Platform Tickets

Old Railway Tickets  -  Platform Tickets

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michael Stewart, Canterbury, Kent - formerly a pupil at Fettes College, Edin. Aug 15, 2012


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      Old Railway Tickets  -  Platform Tickets