Early Photographic Equipment


In response to a comment that there were no enlargers in the 1860s, Christopher A Wright wrote:

"A quick reading  through a catalog from E & HT Anthony, during the 1860s, shows  several enlargers, including especially the Solar (Enlarging) Camera,  which itself is largely based on a design from WHF Talbot in the  1840's.

In the mid-1850s, Gustave Le Gray made a number of his large  (30x40cm  and 40x50cm) collodion views of Seascapes and of downtown  Paris as enlargements from much smaller plates.

In 1854, Woodward's  Solar Camera was invented and patented.

In 1858, Shives invented and  patented an enlarger which used direct and condenser lenses in lieu of  sunlight."

Christopher A Wright, Ithaca, New York, USA, Calotype Photographer, Wet and Dry Collodion Photographer, Consultant to the Getty Museum's Project "Preserving the Chemical Photography Era":  February 23, 2009.


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