St Cuthbert's
Milk Horses

St Cuthbert's farrier, Jim Lee, and Silver with pupils at Tollcross School  -  March 1985

St Cuthbert's farrier, Jim Lee, and Silver with pupils at Tollcross School  -  March 1985

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Tollcross Primary School

Thank you to Darren Campbell who wrote:

"Great memories flooded back when I visited your site, especially when I saw this old picture with myself in it.

In March 1985, my class were allowed a visit to the stables and the dairy as they were being closed down.  The stables were, of course, located just round the corner from my home at Grove Street, and the dairy was at Gardeners Crescent.

The class was taken by our Teacher Mrs Reid, with a volunteer parent, whom I cannot remember who's parent.

Others in the photo are:  Colin, Shirley Bell, Stuart McPake, Adam Plenderleif, Mark, Steven Harrhy, Daniella, Bill Page, Freddy Begg.

Some names I can't remember. Most I have not seen since. 

I am still living and working in Edinburgh but not around Tollcross or Fountainbridge where I grew up.  The way the place has changed, even in the last 10 to 15 years, still amazes me."

Donald Campbell, Edinburgh, December 30, 2006 AND January 1, 2007


St Cuthbert's Milk Horses

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Thank you to Bryan Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland for sending his memories of the St Cuthbert's milk horses in the Edinburgh streets around Priestfield and Bellevue


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