A beached boat



Also known as    'Knocknagow 1'    or     'The Big Knock'     or     'The Big Tug'

Steam Barge, 'Knocknagow'  -  Was it built in Leith?


Steam Barge


Brian J Goggin from Limerick in the mid-west of Ireland explains that this is another boat named Knocknagow - not the one that he has bought.

Brian writes:

"The firm of Dowleys owned two boats called Knocknagow at the same time (goodness knows why).

The boat shown beached is now abandoned up the River Nore;

The other boat is our boat.

The beached boat was known as "The Big Knock", "The Big Tug" and "Knocknagow I" (although it was the newer vessel)

 Our boat  was "The Little Knock", "The Little Tug" or "Knocknagow II".



If you know where this steam barge might have been built, please e-mail me and I will pass on your message to the barge's owner, Brian J Goggin.

 Thank you.

Here is a photograph of the 'other' boat named Knocknagow:

'Knocknagow II' at Carrick

   Steam Barge  -  Knocknagow  -  Was it built in Leith?


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