SMT Double-decker bus

St Andrew Square

January 1948

A double-decker SMT bus in St Andrew Square, 1948

   Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland


Saint Andrew Square


Thank you to Ed Thomson for providing this photograph, taken at a time before Edinburgh's bus station was built, and buses used to depart from stances around St Andrew Square.

Ed writes:

"Here is a Guy Arab utility model SMT bus leaving a snowy St Andrew Square for Glasgow January 22, 1948."

Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland:  January 30, 2007

1948 Again

Here is another photo, taken on the same day in St Andrew Square, by Ed Thomson:

A_single-decker SMT bus in St Andrew Square, 1948


Today, St Andrew Square is surrounded by parked cars, and a one-way system operates around St Andrew Square, traffic moving in the opposite direction to this bus.


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