Moir & Baxter Badge

Badge on 1966 Austin Cooper

Moir & Baxter badge on a 1966 Austin Cooper

  Rob Gurney-Smith, Cheshire, England


1966 Austin Cooper

Thank you to Rob Gurney-Smith who wrote:

Moir & Baxter Badge

"I own a 1966 Austin Cooper first supplied by Moir & Baxter.  It has the attached badge in it.  I thought this pic of it might bring back memories to some of your Moir & Baxter members.

The car is registered HSG13E.  It is a  red and black 998cc Cooper BMC, delivered it to Moir & Baxter in June 1966.  Itt sat around for over a year before being sold!"

 Rob Gurney-Smith, Cheshire, England: November 14, 2009


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