Pickfords Delivery

of a transformer from

Parsons Peebles Ltd


Transformer delivery from Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh to Huddersfield, Yorkshire

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Pickfords delivery from Parsons Peebles Ltd

Here, a transformer can be seen leaving Parsons Peebles' factory at East Pilton on November 26, 1968.  This view looks to the south (towards Ferry Road) down Pilton Drive.  Parsons Peebles' factory is in the upper-left corner of the photo.

Steven Oliver wrote: 

Transformer Delivery Route

"Iím sure all heavy loads which left the works headed north down Pilton Drive.  I donít think that any headed south.  Pilton Drive narrows slightly at that point and the bridge would probably not have withstood a low-loader with transformer passing across it.  Itís possible that the bridge would have posed potential grounding problems for them too, so I suspect that the more likely route for the transformers to take to Ferry Road would have been via Granton Road. 

The lifting traffic islands at the Pilton Drive North/West Granton Road junction have now gone, but there is still one reminder of Parsons Peebles to be found in Edinburgh: the middle of the traffic roundabout on Groathill Road North, which has a gap in the centre of it.  This was to allow the low-loaders to carry straight on towards Telford Road without having to negotiate the roundabout."

Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders Scotland:  August 31, 2009


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