Bullnose Morris

Around 1925-30

Bullnose Morris

Somewhere in Edinburgh

Bullnose Morris Oxford, somewhere in Edinburgh, around 1925-30

   Copyright: Douglas William Garry , Saughton Mains, Edinburgh                                                       Photograph taken around 1925-30


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   Bullnose Morris Oxford, somewhere in Edinburgh, around 1925-30  


Bullnose Morris

Thank you to Douglas William Garry for sending me this photo.

Douglas wrote:

Great Grandfather

"This photo must have been taken about 1925-30.  I don't know where the photo would have been taken but it would have been somewhere in Edinburgh.

My  Great Grandfather, William Davidson, is in the passenger seat. He lived in Dundee Street and, to my knowledge, he never left Edinburgh."

Douglas William Garry, Saughton Mains, Edinburgh:  January 24+26, 2012

The Car

I though this car might be a Bullnose Morris, so I checked Google Images for 'Bullnose Morris' and found a photo of an almost identical car described as 'Morris 23 Bullnose Roadster'.

Here is a link to the photo of it.  The photo comes from:

Picture Gallery of Cars in South Africa  1921-30

The radiator, vents, lights, wheels, horn, running board, etc. seemed to match on both cars.  The only significant difference that I noticed was that the South African car had a door handle on the outside of the passenger door!  Might this have been an optional extra, or a later model?

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 29, 2012


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