Or is it?   See Comment 2 below

"It's an old Renault!"



   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bill Hall, Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland




Bill Hall

Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland

Thank you to Bill Hall for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Bill wrote:


"My mother's uncle, David Henderson, was a chauffer with Rossleigh.  This is one of the vehicles he drove, a Delaunay- Belleville.

This photo was taken in 1909, just before he emigrated to USA."

Bill Hall, Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland:  May 31, 2011




Bozi Mohacek

Surrey, England

Thank you to Bozi Mohakek for replying.  Bozi wrote:

It's an old Renault

"I came across this Delaunay Belleville page recently while researching a Delaunay enquiry received by our Help pages.

I'm very sorry to advise you that the car depicted on this page as a Delaunay Belleville is not a Delaunay Belleville, but a Renault.

While both are of French manufacture they differ considerably. Delaunay Belleville was started by a couple of Boilermakers hence their bonnet is distinctive by being cylindrical and their radiator is circular - and at the front of the bonnet.

The Renault, on the other hand, has an alligator bonnet, plain at the front, and has the radiator behind the bonnet adjacent to the windscreen.

The photo is not very clear but this Renault looks a mid-range car with a shortish bonnet, so is probably a c.1907/08 14CV Limousine.

Perhaps you could add my comments to your page.  Oherwise less experienced investigators may think they have unearthed an as-yet undiscovered species of the Delaunay Belleville!" ***

Bozi Mohacek, Society Chairman,  Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society:  26 January 2019

***   I'm happy to do that.  -  Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  31 January 2019