James Morton Robertson's Dad and his Car

Around 1933

James Morton-Robertson's dad and his car - about 1933

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to James Morton-Robertson, Sevenoaks, Kent, England.             Photographer not known


James Morton Robertson's Dad and his Car

Thank you to James Morton-Robertson, Sevenoaks, Kent for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his dad who was to become, RAF Sergeant James Morton Robertson, standing beside his car.  This photo was taken around  in 1933.

James tells me that this car, and later his dad's AJS motorcycle, were  garaged in a big wooden shed in Forbes St between St Leonards St and St Leonards Hill."

James Morton-Robertson's dad and hisAJS motorcycle - about 1936

James writes:

James Morton Robertson, father of James Morton-Robertson who sent recollections of Heriot Mount to the EdinPhoto web site

"My father had volunteered for the RAF but was killed on his first mission which was an operation using Hampden Torpedo Bombers to sink the Tirpitz.  They had to fly to Murmansk but his plane was shot down.  The plane is now being rebuilt by the RAF Museum."

James Morton-Robertson, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, July 1, 2007


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