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An electric car (or carriage) driven by a small fifth wheel

A Madelvic '5-wheel' electric car  built at Granton, 1898-1900

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Robert Grieves Collection and to Argyll Publishing


Madelvic Motors

Madelvic Car Factory off West Granton Road, Granton, is the oldest surviving car factory in Britain.  There was a test track on the roof of the factory.

Madelvic Motors was founded by William (later Sir William) Peck,  Edinburgh City Astronomer.  But the company survived for only two years  -  from 1898 to 1900.

Madelvic cars resembled old coaches.  In fact, shafts were incorporated into Madelvic cars so that  horses could take over if the electric motor failed.

The cars were driven by a small fifth wheel.  It can be seen in the photograph above, making contact with the ground between and behind  the two front wheels.

The company also produced some small two-seater electric cars in which the front wheels were powered conventionally.

Madelvic Motors became bankrupt and were taken over by Kingsburgh Motor Company in 1900.


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Madelvic Car Factory

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