Hudson Terraplane

Under restoration in a garage in Fife, Scotland  -  2007

Hudson Terraplane being restored in a garage in Fife, Scotland

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to James Kerr, Fife, Scotland


Hudson Terraplane


The Hudson Terraplane is a car that has been mentioned several times in Recollections of Edinburgh on the EdinPhoto web site.


Thank you to James Kerr, Fife for letting me reproduce this photograph of his Hudson Terraplane.  James writes

"I was interested to read of the Hudson Terraplane, by Alex Dow of Fife and others.  I have one of these in my garage, a 1939 2 door Coupe.

 The car is at present being rebuilt.  The old car now has a Mopar 5.2 litre V8 engine and Torsion suspension."

James Kerr, Fife:  February 11, 2007


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