Thomas Smith Junr.

ERF Lorry at Newhaven

One of the lorries used for transporting fish  -  at Newhaven

An ERF lorry bellonging to Thomas Smith Junr at Newhaven

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Wilson, Somerset


Thomas Smith Junr

Lorry at Newhaven

Thank you to John Wilson, Somerset, for providing the photograph above.

"This photo was taken at Newhaven, around 1954.  You can see one of the smoke houses in the background.

I worked for T L Devlin, then moved to Robert Croan.  They were good days and the people were good"

Here are 8 lorries owned by Thomas Smith Junr, all posed at Newhaven:

A fleet of 8 lorries bellonging to Thomas Smith Junr at Newhaven

With acknowledgement to John Wilson, now living in Somerset, England:  January 7, 2007
(John is known as John or Jock Wilson in England and as Jack Wilson in Scotland)


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