Peter Thomson

3 miles  -  East of Scotland Champion


  Peter Thomson  -  3 Miles Cycling Champion  -  East of Scotland, 1905-06

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Calum McGaw


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   Cabinet print by Charles McKean, Portobello  -  cyclist


Peter Thomson

3 Miles East of Scotland Champion, 1905-06

Thank you to Calum McGaw for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of Peter Thomson on his cycle.

Calum Wrote:

"Peter Thomson was a member of the Vulcan Cycling Club.  The club was based in Edinburgh.

I have a copy of the Vulcan Cycling Club membership book for 1904.  It contains:

a list of Office Bearers

members' names and addresses

dates of club runs, complete with destinations

rules & codes of conduct."

Calum McGaw, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland:  February 19, 2010


Charles McKean

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