Newington Station

On the former Edinburgh South Suburban Line


Edinburgh South Suburban Line  -  Newington Station, 1966

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Newington Station

Edinburgh South Suburban Railway

Here is a photograph of the locked gate at the entrance to Newington railway station.  The photo was taken in June 1966.  The railway closed to passenger traffic in September 1962.


Forbes Wilson, who now lives near Guildford, Surrey, England writes:

"When I was at Edinburgh University and the Kings Buidlings, I would occasionally walk up Craigmillar Park towards Newington and would pass the closed gate that would have taken you down to the platform.

It's sad to see what is left of the station now."

Edinburgh South Suburban Line  -  The site of Newington Station, 2009

Forbes Wilson, near Guildford, Surrey, England:  November 10, 2009


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