The train at

Powderhall Refuse Depot

'The Binliner Train'

'The Binliner Train'  -  1980

The Binliner Train at Powderhall  -  Photographed September 6, 2010

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kenneth G Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh


'The Binliner Train'


Thank you to Kenneth G Williamson for sending me a set of photos of '|The Binliner Train' at Powderhall.  These photos showed the diesel locomotive in this photo being moved up the track on the right towards the other end of the train.

I have reproduced just one of this series of photos above.  The photo was taken on September 6, 2010.

Kenneth G Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  September 12, 2010


North Edinburgh Railways


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