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North Edinburgh and Leith Tram Lines  -  1920

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Granton History Society,  Webmaster David King


Tram Routes from Granton  -  1952

Thank you to David King, webmaster of the Granton History Group web site for allowing me to reproduce this map.

The start and end of each route is clear from this map, except the blue route. This is the route for services 13 and 14.

David explained:

"Route 13, and Route 14, which goes in the opposite direction, are shown in blue on the map:

These routes have a loop to and from Granton via Leith in one direction and Pilrig Street the other way

-  Both cars go both ways on the same route between Pilrig Church and the Post Office (at Register House)

-  Then, there is a loop via Tollcross, Bruntsfield, Churchhill, Marchmont and the Bridges.

Routes  13 and 14 were among very few routes not to be directly replaced by a  bus route with the same number in the 1950s

David King, Trinity, Edinburgh:  October 22, 1010


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